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Green Planet Laundry

Residential Collections and Deliveries

Green Planet Laundry - Cape Town

In order to cope with the overwhelming demand (thank you) placed upon us by you, our loyal customer, we have been required to overhaul at our Residential Services.

As from February 19th 2018, the below will be implemented.

Noteworthy is the fact that all Residential Collections / Deliveries will take place BETWEEN 5PM & 9PM, MON - SUN (See Term and Conditions point 3 below).

Please read the below carefully. In employing the below, we aim to be able to deliver an enhanced Residential Service.

We shall be splitting our Operation into 2 distinct production phases, i.e. Commercial (day shift) and Residential (night shifts).

Should you wish to book your next Service, please complete the pdf form below and mail it to info@greenplanetlaundry.com.

Should your area not be explicitly mentioned in section 3 on the form please align your booking request with the Area that is the closest to your Collection Address.


Residential Collections and Deliveries Form

Terms and Conditions

  1. Residential Collections / Deliveries are conducted between 5pm & 9pm daily.
  2. 24hr turnaround Monday - Saturday.
  4. A cancellation fee of R150 will be charged if cancellations are not received by 1pm on the day of Collection.
  5. Should no one be home to accept a delivery a Service Fee of R150 will be added to the Invoice.
  6. Driver have been instructed to wait a maximum of 15 minutes at any Residential Collection / Delivery address. After such time, points 4. & 5. will be applied.
  7. Please include an inventory list with your items. We will double check what is received at our facility. Should there is any discrepancies we will contact you to discuss a way forward - Feel Free to use the Laundry List Here.
  8. We weigh our items on-site. Should you wish to weigh your own items as a reference, please ensure that these are weighed accurately.
  9. Please mark any stains to be removed. These will be charged for at R25 per stain. If stains are not marked for removal, we shall not execute any special treatments. It cannot however be guaranteed that all stains are removable.
  10. Should less than 10kgs be received, 10kgs will be charged for.
  11. In booking a Collection it is understood that these Conditions are understood and agreed with.

Please contact us personally with any comments/queries.

We hope to hear from you soon.