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Green Planet Laundry

Green Planet Laundry - Price List

The rates below are for commercial, domestic and industrial clients, please contact Green Planet directly for corporate rates.


Wash & Fold (10kg Minimum) R28 Per Kg
Wash, Iron & Fold (10kg Minimum) R40 Per Kg
Shoes (Fabric) R60 Per Pair
Stain Treatment R15 Per Item


Small Items - Clothing, Pillow or Cusion Covers etc. R12 Per Item
Large Items - Sheets, Duvet Covers, Curtains etc. R15 Per Item


Curtains, Mats, Sofa Covers - (Includes Ironing, Dry Cleaning may be required) R75 Per Kg
Blankets & Duvet Inners Synthetic Feather
Small R89 R109
Double R119 R149
Queen R159 R199
King R199 R239

Dry Cleaning

Trousers R75 Per Item
Shirts R50 Per Item
Shorts R50 Per Item
Skirts R75 Per Item
Jackets R105 Per Item
Jumpsuit R105 Per Item
Coats R125 Per Item
Coats – Long R175 Per Item
Dress – Short R125 Per Item
Dress – Long R175 Per Item
Dress – Evening R225 Per Item
Dressing Gown R75 Per Item
Wedding Dress R500 Per Item
Jerseys R85 Per Item
Cashmere R105 Per Item
Blouse R75 Per Item
Blouse – Silk R95 Per Item
Suit – 2 piece R175 Per Item
Suit – 3 Piece R205 Per Item
Waistcoat R75 Per Item
Ties R65 Per Item
Scarves R75 Per Item
Pashmina R95 Per Item
Pillows R105 Per Item
Pillows – Down/Feather R125 Per Item
Sleeping Bags R175 Per Item
Sleeping Bags – Feather R350 Per Item
Duvet Synthetic – Single R175 Per Item
Duvet Synthetic – Double R255 Per Item
Duvet Synthetic – Queen/King R400 Per Item
Duvet Down/Feather – Single R350 Per Item
Duvet Down/Feather – Double R400 Per Item
Duvet Down/Feather – Queen/King R400 Per Item
Blankets – Single R125 Per Item
Blankets – Double R175 Per Item
Blankets – Queen/King R200 Per Item
Blankets – Mohair/Fur R200 Per Item
Bedspreads R175 Per Item
Sheep Skin R200 Per Item
Table Cloths R125 Per Item
Duvet Covers R60 Per Item
Sheets R60 Per Item
Carpets R80 Per Kg
Curtains R80 Per Kg
Curtains – Silk R100 Per Kg
Covers R85 Per Kg
Fabric R75 Per Kg