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Green Planet Laundry

About Green Planet Laundry - Cape Town Laundry Service

We Use 100% Ground Water in Our Laundry Process

Saving our planet one load at a time. With drought becoming a harsh reality in South Africa, and particularly in the Western Cape region, water is an extremely valuable and scarce resource.

South Africans have implemented various water-saving techniques, from using grey water to flush toilets, to taking two-minute showers and installing rain water harvesting tanks. One area of water usage that is particularly difficult to cut back on, is laundry.

Regular washing machines can use up to 50 litres of valuable municipal drinking water per cycle. That said, refraining from washing our clothes is not an option! Green Planet Laundry has developed an innovative solution to the problem.

Unlike other Commercial Laundries, the Cape Town based Green Planet Laundry does not tap into the city’s precious municipal water supply. Instead, they make use of purified borehole water. That means that absolutely no tap water is used!

About Green Plante Laundry

How does it work?

The Water used at Green Planet Laundry is 100% ground water (borehole). Additionally, 50% of the (grey) water used in our machines is recycled therefore further reducing required ground water.